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  Connecting With Your Casino Customers  
  March 8, 2013  

The highest rate of return for any casino marketing is always with existing customers. Effectively communicating what your casino property is offering them is key to maximizing each campaign. Sonoma now has multiple tools to to make getting the message out to your customers AND measuring the return simple and cost effective. Whether you are using direct mailers with redeemable coupons, email campaigns, or would like to directly connect throught SMS Test messaging, Sonoma has you covered.

Sonoma can now store and track redeemable Offers that are converted into Sonoma Reward Items when the player brings in their coupon, email, or phone. Now you can create elaborate promotions and track the exact redemption and return on investment to eliminate the guess work. Sonoma can create the offers for you or you can import in your own separate work.

Using the flexible "Bonfire" reporting section you will be able to target exactly the players you want with Tiered Offers aimed at matching player value to just the right offer. Flexible customer limit setup make ensuring the right players are getting the right offers when you want them to.

ABS Business Data will work with you to setup your campaigns and provide you the training to get the most out of the system or actually help you manage the process to make sure it is just what you are looking for. Contact Kevin at ABS with any questions or to get started.

  Sonoma PokerSign Adds Sharp Graphics To Your Room  
  June 2012  
  The Sonoma PokerSign add on software adds a professional option to your Poker Room for displaying a High Hand countdown clock, Monte Carlo jackpot amounts, Wait List display, display ads, and scrollable graphics. The program connects directly into and is managed from within your existing Sonoma software. Quickly add and remove players from wait list, set jackpot amounts, and control all aspect of the display right from within the Pit Station screen.  
  Bonfire Goes Beta  
  December 10, 2010  
  With each iteration of the Sonoma system the new ways that each casino can look at their customer data grows. Sonoma has always been the best way to track customer activity and reward them for their loyalty to your casino. Now with the rollout of the Bonfire module, Sonoma takes communication with customers to an entirely new level. Currently in Beta testing, this new section of Sonoma makes it easy to quickly find your current customers, assign values, create offers, and then get the offers into their hands with direct mail, email, and SMS messaging.  
  New Customers  
  ABS Business Data, LLC is proud to announce to that in October we have installed our Sonoma Players Rewards System in three more casinos. Sonoma is the now the player tracking system of choice at the Crazy Moose Casino in Mountlake Terrace, WA, at the Crazy Moose Casino in Pasco, WA, and at Crazy Bob's Casino in Kennewich, WA. That brings the total number to 31 Washington table game based casinos to using Sonoma to reward and connect with their customers.  

New Web Site   

  By Kevin - 3/1/2010  

It's been a long time coming but we are finally rolling out the our new website this week. Not only will we shortly have updated product information but we will also be continuingly updating the site with system information, training videos, product tips, and support information. Check back often and you can find new ways to use our products to better serve your needs.

We will post report routines that will show you exactly how to find out who your most valuable customers are and how to reach them. Learn what areas your customers are coming from and which demographic groups are contributing the most value to your bottom line. Sonoma stores an incredible amount of information that can help you direct your marketing and business decisions.

We are going to use this website to help you continue to unlock that information and make it easy for you and your staff to get exactly what they are looking for. We will also post articles about the best practices you should follow to make sure that your data is protected and secure.